West Auckland carpet cleaning company

Choosing The Right West Auckland Carpet Cleaning Company


Picking the right carpet cleaning company can be a challenge.  To start with there are a lot of cleaning companies in the West Auckland area. Each of them makes claims as to how good they are. So how do you make the choice as to which West Auckland carpet cleaning company to choose?


What cleaning methods do they offer?

There are various methods that carpet cleaning companies use. For example, there is dry extraction which uses a chemical which has various detergents and chemicals that liberate the dirt and marks from the carpet. Then they can be cleaned up using a vacuum cleaner.


Another method is using dry foam. This is applied to the carpet which is then vacuumed up by a wet vacuum cleaner.  A professional West Auckland carpet cleaning company will use machines with a stronger suction which gets up more dirt than a domestic cleaner.


The next thing is to ask family members, and friends if they can recommend any carpet cleaning companies.


West Auckland carpet cleaners

Curry stain before cleaning

Of course you can also look online in Google.

West Auckland carpet cleaning company

Curry stain after cleaning

These days you can also see reviews given by previous customers so be sure to check them out.


A short-list of West Auckland carpet cleaning companies

After you have gathered the recommendations from your personal contacts, plus those carpet cleaning companies you find on Google, then you have a short-list to work with.


Your next step is to contact them to ask for a quote to clean your carpets.  Be sure to ask if there are any extra charges.


You might also want to ask them what cleaning chemicals they use. Many carpet cleaning agents are quite toxic so be sure to ask if they use environmentally-friendly cleaners. This is especially true if you have young children in your house as you don’t want unhealthy chemicals floating around in the air.


Green carpet cleaning companies

These days there are west Auckland carpet cleaning companies that specifically use eco-friendly cleaning agents and chemicals. If this is your preference, then you will do well to contact Go Green Carpet Cleaning who only use eco-friendly cleaners. You can find out more from their website at http://gogreencarpetcleaning.co.nz.


Alternative cleaning ideas

If the mark on your carpet is small, then you might be able to use a spot cleaner. However, if the marks are larger, then you could look at hiring a domestic carpet cleaning machine. These can do a reasonable job if you know what you are doing but they won’t be as good as a professional carpet cleaners machine.


Long-term carpet care

Regular cleaning of your carpet is a good idea to protect, and preserve your carpet, which let’s face it, is an expensive item. Every two years or so, call in a west Auckland carpet cleaning company, even if the carpet doesn’t have any obvious signs of dirt. You will be amazed at how much dirt is harboured within the carpet fibres that your vacuum cleaner doesn’t get out.


If you hire a carpet cleaning company you won’t regret it.