Wellington SEO – 5 FAQs

The Top 5 SEO FAQs

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is something that many get confused over. While you surely have heard about it, you might still have questions left unanswered. This article is meant to address some of the top SEO questions you might still have. Below, we will be going over them.


Top Wellington SEO Questions:


  1. Do I Really Need SEO?

Wellington SEO agency There is perhaps no strategy that you should be focusing on more than SEO. Nowadays, with more people using their favourite search engines than ever before, if you are not implementing SEO in your marketing mix, you are missing out on a big opportunity. You absolutely must be investing in SEO if you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts. A majority of all traffic comes directly from search engines. Therefore, if you are not ranking as well as possible, you will be missing out on a large percentage of organic traffic.


  1. How Does It Work?

There is no direct formula for success with SEO efforts. However, search engines are primarily looking for a couple of things when they are ranking sites. For one, they are looking for relevance. After all, search engines want to point their users to the right website that answers the questions they might have and the information that they are looking for. Because of this, you will want to target the right keywords to essentially tell search engines what your website is about. Along with the relevancy, they are also looking for authority when determining your ranking potential. This is generally how reputable your website is. Thus, you want to ensure that you are continually doing things to improve the authority of your site like posting high-quality content, getting reputable links to your website, and more.


  1. Why Am I Not Getting Immediate Results?

SEO is one of the strategies that requires time and consistency. Without both of these, you are not going to get the kind of results that you are looking for. You won’t be able to create a website and get it ranking within the first page for competitive keywords within a few days. Instead, it is something that you have to continue to work for months to achieve the kind of results that you are looking to get.


  1. What Kind Of ROI Should I Expect?

Wellington SEOWhile the returns that you are able to generate with SEO is going to vary considerably, you should be able to generate one of the highest returns on any marketing strategy that you invest in. This is primarily because SEO while it can be costly, it is a marketing tactic that can endure and keep giving you results. If you stop paying for advertising, then your ads stop appearing. With SEO, your links and pages can be online for years. Therefore, the better you are able to do with SEO, the more organic traffic it will bring in and the more conversions you will make.


  1. Do I Have To Pay Someone To Do It?

While SEO is not something that you have to pay someone to handle for you, if you are not experienced and knowledgeable in the SEO industry, it can be virtually impossible to keep up with. The fact is, it is extremely time-consuming and it takes a lot of effort to remain consistent with it. However, most of all, it requires a lot of knowledge to be able to avoid making costly mistakes that newcomers tend to make.


Overall, there are plenty of questions that you might have about SEO. Hopefully, this article answered the majority of them.


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