UK Stock Footage

How Stock Footage Brings Life To Commercial Videos

Stock footage UK

Stock footage UK

Thanks to the growth of Internet marketing, commercial videos are becoming more powerful and more popular than ever before. The wealth of opportunities to deliver video content to potential customers means that even the most modest businesses can benefit from producing videos. If you’re making (or commissioning) your own commercial videos, you should always remember the valuable benefits that stock footage can provide.

Stock Footage Fills Storytelling Gaps

Even the smartest, slickest video will fail if the audience finds it confusing or hard to follow. You can use intelligently-selected stock footage to enhance the clarity of your commercial videos. Easing the viewer through transitional scenes is especially important, and stock footage often smoothes the way.

Stock Can Enhance Your Script

Many commercial video producers, especially self-taught ones, find themselves with a quandary. They know they want to convey their message with video, but they’re at a loss when it comes to choosing footage. Thanks to the virtually endless variety of stock footage available, you can choose quality shots to cut into a video that reflect the imagery in your written language literally. Consider backing up your metaphors with stock footage to make your video smarter and more exciting.

Stock Footage Starts Helping Early In The Process

Whether you decide to use stock footage to relate to your script directly or in more subtle ways, you can start considering your options long before you turn on your own camera. For some commercial video creators, stock footage becomes the skeleton that shapes the video as a whole. Stock can even be inserted into storyboards when you’re planning out a particularly ambitious video.

Stock Video Footage Keeps Costs Down

Budget is a crucial concern for most commercial video productions. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to filming stationary speakers in front of plain white walls! Stock footage adds an incredible range of different possibilities to your editing palette without inflating your total cost. Even if your financial resources are stretched to the limit, you can find amazing stock footage available online free of charge.

Stock Footage Is Easy To Find

As noted above, the Internet makes it easier than ever before to track down commercial stock footage. Many reliable stock websites offer huge libraries of clips both short and long. Powerful search features mean that it takes seconds instead of days to find a piece of stock that precisely meets your needs.

Stock Shouldn’t Present Copyright Problems

When you hunt for stock, there’s an important advantage to sticking with dedicated sites like StockGiant that provide commercial clips. Reputable providers always make the clearance and copyright status of their stock footage extremely clear. This is crucial when you’re producing a commercial video; the last thing you want to create with your video is a legal snarl! Keep in mind that copyright rules make a distinction between commercial use and private or artistic use. Make sure the stock you use is cleared for commercial videos. Stock footage is usually OK to use in different countries too so if you want UK stock footage you can go to the same sites.

If the possibility of using stock footage in your next commercial video has escaped your notice until now, it’s high time you fixed that oversight! Devote a little thought to the possibilities of stock footage and use it to make your next video more powerful, memorable, and effective.