Manukau Commercial Property Lawyer – 3 Services

Three Typical Services Provided By A Manukau Commercial Property Lawyer

Commercial property lawyers provide an array of services. Knowing what some of the most common ones are can come in handy. With that said, here are three typically services that commercial property attorneys provide.

  1. Licensing & Permits

Manukau commercial propertiesMany people turn to a Manukau commercial property lawyer when they need help securing licenses and permits for new commercial properties they are building. For example, if you are building commercial property from the ground up, then you might need consents from Auckland Council in order to complete the build and to operate the property. A lawyer can inform you if you need a license and/or permit.

The same goes if you plan on buying a commercial property. A lawyer can take a look at the property’s information to determine whether or not it is currently operating with the proper licenses and/or permits. The last thing you want to do is buy a commercial property, only to find out it isn’t properly licensed. Before you build a commercial property, buy one or invest in property, you should speak with a commercial property lawyer.

  1. Joint Ventures

When referring to commercial property, a joint venture is when two people have plans on jointly owning/operating/investing in commercial property. Sometimes the two people know each other, are associates or they plan on becoming business partners. Whatever the case is, those who want to enter a joint venture should speak with a commercial property lawyer.

Joint venture services are one of the most commonly offered commercial property services by A lawyer. A lawyer can look over business plans for the property, as well as go over the contracts between the two partners. If anything should and needs to be changed, then the attorney will tell you. Not only that, but A lawyer can make the contracts legal and formalize it.

  1. Development & Lot Sales And Purchases

Manukau commercial property lawyerAnother typical service offered is assistance with development and lot sales. If you have development property or a lot that you want to sell, then you’ll want to do everything property, otherwise there could be significant delays. If you want to sell your commercial property as fast as possible, without any delays, then hiring a commercial property attorney is a must.

Also, if you want to purchase commercial property, A lawyer can assist. Asides from ensuring it is licensed and operating with a permit, A lawyer can look at the financial details. If you’re buying commercial property that claims to be generating a specific amount of revenue, then A lawyer can make sure the details are true. By ensuring all of the details are correct, you can make a decision as to whether or not to buy the property.

Those are three services typically offered by a Manukau commercial property lawyer. Lawyers that deal with commercial property litigation provides many other services besides those three above. If you ever find yourself needing a commercial property attorney, then make sure you hire one with plenty of experience and one you feel comfortable working with, as well as one that charges a fair and reasonable fee.

McVeagh Fleming is a local Manukau commercial property lawyer.