Where To Find Commercial Stock Footage Video Clips

Where To Find Commercial Stock Footage Video Clips


Online marketing has become one of the best fields to advertise yourself as an individual or your business. It is easier for people to create new and innovative marketing tools and collateral and far cheaper than in the past. Because of this reason, business entrepreneurs have moved ahead with their advertising methods in order to attract more attention to win extra customers. First impressions always counts which is why companies and business owners are using marketing pieces to make themselves more memorable. Further, with the rise in the viewing of online video, businesses want to quickly create more videos and the fastest way to achieve that is to use commercial stock footage.

How to use commercial stock footage in the business sector

Online users are known to watch more videos that read text. No matter what your text is about, videos always seem to get the most attention from viewers. Why? Because it is easy to understand with more action that plain text, it is simple to access, requires less attention and can be viewed on the go on a tablet or mobile phone. This applies to other business owners looking for suppliers as well as to consumers. If people come across an engaging title of a video they can simply watch that to learn what they are looking for. Many of the world’s biggest brands use this method to capture their audience without much of a struggle.

Another way that you can use commercial stock footage for business is to educate people. This is one way to set yourself apart from your competitors. If you are willing to explain more about your product or service and do so in a way that is easy for people to receive, then you will have an advantage over those who do not. The key is to make your video entertaining and enjoyable to watch. People do not want “Death by PowerPoint”, instead they want to be entertained.

Improve your brand image by using stock footage

Video clips also make your brand looks classy in the commercial sector, compared to those brand that do not use video stock footage. Despite what they might say about price, clients and customers actually do not like cheap things. They prefer to buy from or be associated with products that have a high perceived value. And a simple way to achieve that is to use HD stock footage. The careful use of these video clips can look expensive and very creative yet in reality are quite low-cost to produce – if you know what you are doing. A short clip can cover a lot of details for customers compared to any other form of advertising.

Where do you find commercial stock footage?

Video stock footage

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ideo stock footage

People have two choices when it comes to making videos for online usage. They can either make all of the material themselves or they can buy clips from video distribution companies. The second option is far easier, less cost and is likely to produce better results too.

Surprisingly, video clips and stock footage for commercial use are easy to find. For example, if you want UK stock footage there are hundreds of domains online, which offer different kinds of video clips for commercial use. Another great benefit about some of these clips is that, you can find a number that are free of charge. However, these can be of inferior quality. One downside is that there can be a huge amount of small print you have to adhere to. Image and video stock websites have very strict policies about who and how their material can be used. If you download and use video clips without the right consent then you can be opening yourself to some hefty fees for illegal use. So be careful and look for sites that offer royalty-free HD video.

Types of commercial stock footage

Different websites offer various kinds of videos clips, some of them different styles such as action or nature videos while others have better quality than others. Some specialize in high definition HD video footage while others offer cheap or free low-grade material.

Others offer clip-art type animations, some have white board style clips and yet more supply the more common video that we are used to seeing.

Because of these reasons, it is important that you a find a website that offers video clips that are related to your business. All you need to do is register with the website so that you can have a peek at each video you are interested in.

If you want to use it, then you simply pay for the license for the type and amount of use you want. Again, be careful as some sites only allow a single use of any particular item.

Websites that offer HD commercial stock footage

Stock footage

Inferno stock footage

Below is a list of websites where you can find commercial stock footage video clips for use in your presentations or websites.

If you prefer using animated videos for your site or blog, ignitemotion.com will suit you just fine. You will find many animations to choose from, and they are all free of charge.

Splasheo.com is also an excellent website for those who wish to design their animation backgrounds. Splasheo provides all the necessary tools that you will need including pictures, to create your video clip playback.

Another reliable website where you can find video clips and templates is flixpress.com. Here you can make your own video which might be fun but is it a productive use of your time?

If you are not interested in high definition quality videos or animated clips, then you can check out Motion Backgrounds site for motion images.

Creating first class videos using commercial stock footage

However, if you are busy but want to impress your audience with HD videos but do not want to go the expense of creating them yourself or outsourcing the work at $40 per hour and more, then the easiest and most cost-effective option is to got a site like stockgiant.net. They have everything you need – royalty free, HD quality stock footage for commercial use. The prices are some of the best you can find and their video archive is being added to all the time.

Use of video clips is a great way to introduce your business to clients and audience. It also gives you a chance of stating what your business is about before you even engage your customers and clients. The videos clips are also difficult to forget and they will stick in the viewer’s memory.

Conclusion – commercial stock footage

Commercial stock footage HD video clips are engaging to watch and add a degree of professionalism about your business. They create a great impression to your prospective clients and also enable a better understanding of your company and its products or services. This is a very cost-efficient way to get in front of your customers and make fantastic presentations.