The Growing Need For Chroma Key Stock Footage

chroma key footage videoAs Internet speeds grew, so did the demands of the viewers and readers. Before long the demand for more online-videos became apparent. It is a universal and much bemoaned axiom that everyone likes to watch and nobody likes to read. YouTube became the third most viewed site in the world closely followed by Facebook and Google, and even those began focusing more and more on video. Pretty soon everyone wanted to be a video producer but then people realised that it was a bit more complex than they thought. The growth in the availability of chroma key stock footage has certainly added to the output and demand for better quality online videos.

This increased the need for mass small-frame video productions, lowering the cost of such along the way. But that also meant budgets shrank and a video production with a small budget has limits.

Enter Stock Footage

Ever since photography developed, images were accumulated and savvy photographers realized the value in re-selling their photographs. Image stock houses developed, offering large collections of anything a media producer could possibly need.

The same happened with film and video and the use (and indeed overuse) of stock video footage fuelled the B-movie industry, simply for its cost-effective nature. Today online videos depend heavily on stock material for the same reason and the stock footage market is booming more than ever.

But simply having footage that could be popped into an editing software is not enough. It needs to be manipulated and adapted to all sorts of specific needs. Chroma key stock footage offers this possibility.

Enter Chroma Key Stock Footage

To superimpose a character on an environment they could possibly not be in, the film industry has long relied on either rear-projecting an image on a screen behind the actor or removing the screen by selecting a specific color hue or chroma range. Blue was the most common used for many years until the emergence of computers and video made it possible to select any specific color. Thus any color can be used, but bright green became the most commonly used color as this specific type of green is unnatural and therefore unlikely to show up in an actor’s clothes.

Combining this with the concept of stock footage opened up a whole new range of possibilities.

Scenes could be developed that had been shot entirely on a green backdrop. The resulting footage can then be integrated into any given scene in ways that makes the use of this stock footage virtually unrecognizable. Indeed, most TV and many film productions rely heavily on stock material for explosions, gunshots, buildings, even vehicles and actors.

What Is Available As Chroma Key Stock Footage?

The possibilities are endless. Practically anything can be shot against a green or blue backdrop: from animals, explosions, falling debris, even actors, spokespersons and really any isolated element one could possibly need to create an effective video.

Prices vary and are often calculated based on the quality need. For example a video that will be used exclusively online may run a lot cheaper than one used for television. This website Stock Giant has a range of thousands of different clips you can use for chroma key UK stock footage.

Chroma Key Stock Footage opened up a whole new world and changed film and video productions, lowering costs and improving the overall quality. more…