Auckland Criminal Lawyers

How Can Auckland Criminal Lawyers Help You?

Auckland criminal lawyers fulfil a variety of important roles over the duration of criminal cases. They hold the responsibility of defending their client who has been charged with a specific crime. These lawyers also speak on the behalf of their clients.

Assignment Of A Case

Auckland criminal lawyers are either directly contacted by a defendant or they might be assigned a case by a court. Most of the criminal defense lawyers are known as public defenders, which means they are paid their fee through a public defender office. On the other hand you might want to look for a criminal lawyer to defend you. You can try the NZ Law Society.

justice-scaleOther type of criminal lawyers are employed by the private firms. Some of the criminal lawyers also have their own independent legal-office which they man on their own. The public defenders are usually paid lower salaries when compared to the private lawyers and also usually have higher case loads which is due to referral processes.

Interview About The Case

As soon as the criminal lawyer is granted with an opportunity to meet you in person, they will gather as much information about your case as they can. They will also ask you specific questions where they can learn about the possible weaknesses and strengths about your case. This will usually require thorough and careful questioning.

Investigation Into Your Case

Over and above asking you direct questions pertaining to your case, the criminal lawyer has to investigate the case further in order to determine possible avenues associated with acquitting you. This will often involve questioning the police about procedures they made use of in association to your case. It usually also includes talking to any witnesses that may have information about your case. All the information gathered is then used to attempt to build a stronger defense for your case.

Analysing Evidence

Analysing evidence against you will require that your criminal lawyer carefully studies the theories and the facts about the case. The lawyer may have this evidence tested independently. In addition, the lawyer might examine the evidence to find out if there are legal theories present that will work against your conviction.

Plea Bargaining

Your criminal lawyer will also talk about the case status and negotiating with prosecutors in regard to any specific plea bargain. Your lawyer might be able to assist in securing a deal that is favourable for you which will result in lowering the punishment or charges.

Trial Participation

Your criminal lawyer fights for you during a trial. The lawyer examines witnesses, will cross-examine state witnesses as well as try and convince them of your innocence.


Auckland criminal lawyersIf you are sentenced for a crime, due to accepting a plea-bargain or a judge or jury convicts you, your lawyer is still able to represent you in the phase of sentencing. They may discuss factors which can assist in convincing the judge to limit the time that you will have to serve or discuss other alternatives in association to incarceration.


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