Engagement Rings in Auckland

A Brief History Of The Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring

A boy proposes to a girl with a diamond ring – that’s the romantic image we have these days. An engagement ceremony happens with exchange of diamond rings. When you think of why they choose a diamond ring for proposing or to get engaged, you are left to think from where this tradition came from and why this is followed even op to today.

The indestructible diamond represents the indestructible sanctity of love, everlasting purity and devotion. Though diamonds may not be as rare as many people think; how they became one of the most symbolic gemstones of our time has its own interesting history. You are going to read all about the history and tradition of why diamond is chosen for engagements and proposals.

Ancient Tradition

In earlier times, Egyptians and the Romans had a tradition of giving rings. Grooms give their betrothed a tumbler which is used for sewing. The bride had to cut the top off and use the left of as a ring. The ancient roman men gave their fiancées an iron ring or with a small key attached to the ring symbolising the strength of their relationship. But suddenly in the Dark Ages, the custom of giving engagement rings disappeared. But the ring exchange tradition came back into practice during the 13th century.

First Diamond Engagement Ring In History

For the very first time in the History Maximilian of Austria, of the Habsburg Dynasty, was the person to give his fiancée, Mary of Burgundy, a diamond engagement ring in 1477. During this time, diamonds were very rare and expensive. Not surprisingly they were popular among the royalty and the wealthy across Europe and into Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

This situation all changed when there was a diamond mine found in South Africa by the De Beers brothers in 1871. The mines were called the De Beers Consolidated Mines. Between 1871 and 1914, over two tons of diamonds were extracted from the mines and for the very first time the price of diamonds were low enough that the people other than wealthy could also afford for one. So they marketed the diamonds using huge advertisement campaigns convincing middle-class families to buy the status symbol which was previously only reserved only for the very wealthy. Almost overnight the market for diamonds increased exponentially in Europe.

Rose gold engagement ring Auckland

Rose gold engagement ring Auckland

But during World War II, De Beers found that there was a rise in middle-class families in America and turned their attention towards the USA from Europe. The responses were very pleasing for De Beers. America was investing in diamonds in much bigger numbers than the people in Europe. This was all despite the Great Depression and the War that people were still recovering from. The diamond market has become a massive market and giving diamond engagement rings have become the modern norm.

Modern Times for Diamond Engagement Rings

Now in modern times, platinum has become a more common metal of choice for the engagement ring embedded with diamonds. Platinum is known for its durability and diamond for its eternity. Now grooms express their ultimate sign of love and engagement presenting their fiancées with platinum, gold or rose gold rings with different settings of diamond. Even today there is high demand for diamond rings and more than 78% of all the engagement rings sold are the diamond engagement rings.

Auckland Dispute Lawyer for Business Acquistion Problems

Options For When A Seller Overstates The Profitability of A Business

Broken Dreams

You were all full of dreams when you bought this business but now you have learned that dreams have a way of ending up quite empty. The business you bought isn’t quite how the seller claimed it to be and you are stuck wondering what to do next. This article will tell you what to do next.

Real Life Nightmares from Over-stated Business Profitability

Debt recovery lawyer in Auckland

Peter Fuscic

When a seller lies (euphemistically labelled overstates) the turnover of a business, they have likely turned your dream into a real life nightmare. Now you are faced will dealing with numbers that are a lot less than what you had expected. You should not simply accept this and struggle to make it work. Instead you should take legal redress by contacting a lawyer for business acquisition dispute. In the next few sections we will talk about the legal solutions that you likely have available to you and how you should go forward with this matter.

Real Life Solutions

Your business dreams that have turned into a real life nightmare has a real world solution. What you have likely been a victim of, you are a victim, is fraud, deceit or negligence. Depending on which one or even all these fall under, you might end up in a criminal law court or in a civil court. You might have the option to decide which direction to seek retribution. Your lawyer will be able to advise you which will be the better route. Hopefully you can resolve the dispute without having to go to court which will be a lot easier, quicker and less cost too.

Finding The Right Auckland Lawyer For A Business Acquisition Dispute

Now with all of these legal matters you will need a lawyer. You will not just need your local lawyer but one which has experience in dealing with business acquisition disputes. This is probably the most important thing that you must do.

You can approach the Auckland District Law Society and ask them about lawyers who specialise in this field. Ask for a list of say five different law firms and then do your own research on the Internet about these lawyers. Learn if they have won cases like the one you have, find out what past clients have to say about them. Or you can do a search in Google for something like “Auckland Lawyer For A Business Acquisition Dispute“. Again select a few of the firms you find and then conduct further research about them.


As you can see, you do have recourse when a seller overstates the turnover of a business that they have sold to you. The mis-information that they have told to you does come with consequences and you do have recourse. In some cases this is a criminal act and in other situations it might be more of a case for civil dispute and lead to a tort case due to their negligence. Regardless of which court has jurisdiction over this case, you will need a company purchase dispute lawyer in Auckland to help you sort things out and recover any losses than you have faced due to the actions of the seller of the business.

A quick search in Google will show that McVeagh Fleming is one of the top law firms for this type of legal problem. Click through to their website at http://www.mcveaghfleming.co.nz/so you can get more background on them.

Legal Advice When It Comes To Commercial Building Construction Contracts

James Turner

James Turner

When looking to construct a commercial building, there are a couple of things that you will need to consider if your project is going to be successful. Just as any other project, a contract will play an important role and should be considered to be as important as the designing, planning and management of the entire project. That is why it is essential that you get legal advice from a North Shore lawyer for building contracts when it comes to dealing with construction contracts.

A construction contract is a large and complicated document that comprises many parts and sections. It is therefore important that the contract be correctly drawn up in a way that is as fair as possible to all the parties that are involved. If any involved party is thinking of signing a construction or building contract, but is uncertain of whether they should do it or not because of how it has been collated and drafted, it is essential that they seek professional advice to ensure that their rights are fairly protected.

It is therefore essential that you consider finding a contract solicitor, and most preferably a North Shore lawyer for building contracts that is well versed with such matters, to provide expert advice in regards to the document. Nonetheless, there are a couple of things that you should be in knowledge of when it comes to construction contracts and it is essential that you grasp some of them to have an upper hand even when looking at such contracts.

From a legal expert perspective, it is essential that you first of all start learning about the basic and most critical contents any construction contract should contain for your construction project to be successful. The following are some of the things that any contract should contain and is important that you ensure that they are available in your contract.

1. Address, Full Names and Signatures of All Involved Parties

While this sounds so obvious, it is one of the most commonly overlooking aspects of the construction contract. For any such document to be legally binding, it is essential that the above information be covered and should be the first thing that you work on when it comes to reaching an agreement. Without the appropriate signatures and proper information on all the required documents, it will be very hard to get the contract hold up in a court in case of a dispute.

2. Scope Of Work

The contract is often a document that states the nature of the agreement being reached by both parties. It is essential that scope of work or nature of the contract element be included in your construction contract. Often, many people overlook the necessity of clarifying the details of the agreement being reached. You need to ensure that your contract provides great detail of the agreement and should explain the services provided and should also describe the materials used, the grade and quality of the materials used, schedule of work and all other specifications that are relevant to the building of the said property.

3. Project Cost and Payment Terms

This is one part of the construction contract that should be clear and well discussed. There shouldn’t be any confusion in relation to cost of the services included and services beyond the scope of your project. At the same time, the contract should discuss the schedule of payments, the terms and conditions of payment and the due amount.

4. Work Schedule

The contract should clearly establish when the project commences, how long it should take and by which date it should be completed. It is essential that your contract differentiates between work days and calendar days. It is also essential that the contract stipulates how things are to be handled in the event of construction delays because of issues like acquiring permits, waiting for approvals, bad weather, and easement.

5. Authority

As there are often many moving parts during a construction project, it can be very hard to establish who has the power to make all the decisions. That is why it is essential to ensure that you clearly establish who has more authority or power to make all the legally binding decisions before the project starts. This is one aspect that may save you lots of confusion and headache during the project.

When it comes to construction contracts, it is essential that your contract contains the above information to ensure that you stay safe and avoid complications in the future. Take time to peruse through a contract before signing it and if you are not too sure about some of the terms and conditions stipulated in a contract, take time and talk to a North Shore lawyer for building contracts. McVeagh Fleming is one of the largest and most experienced law firms on the North Shore. Take a look at their website to get some more background and then call them to arrange an initial consultation. http://www.mcveaghfleming.co.nz/

Gas fitting and installation in Henderson

Gas installation – why you must pick a good plumber



There are many jobs a keen DIY enthusiast can do around the home but gas fitting is not one of them. Gas installation is a highly dangerous job if it is not done correctly and the New Zealand government regulations for gas fitting are stringent but designed to provide a safe environment for people . This article will provide information on the different points to take into account when choosing a Henderson gas-fitting plumber and finding the most effective plumber for gas installations and repairs.

1. Contacting Different Gas-Fitting Contractors in Henderson

It is obvious that finding the most effective plumber for gas installation will require comparison of different services. In order to locate the most suitable plumber it is necessary to contact all contractors that seem suited to one’s needs. When discussing the issue with a contractor it is important to gain as much information about their experience as possible. The greater the amount of experience, the greater the skill and plumbing knowledge. By using all this information one can filter the findings to locate the most appropriate service.

2. Finding References of a Gas Fitter

A significant factor to consider when seeking out any contractor is the availability of references. It is all good and well to employ a contracting service with years of experience; however, one cannot be sure they will provide high quality service. The most effective means of locating both referrals and gaining references is via word of mouth when meeting with friends and family. Individuals close to one will provide information that will have advantageous results; for example, a mother will refer their daughter to a high quality plumber.



References can also be obtained on the contractor’s official website; however, one must be wary when reviewing these testimonials. As convenient as they may be, studies have shown that many of these testimonials are fraudulent and created by the contractor to paint him or her in a positive light. This does not mean one should not seek out reviews on the internet; it merely implies that the more reliable feedback can be found on alternate websites. It is recommended that one check the reviews on third-party review sites. These testimonials are generally created by prior clients and provide feedback on the quality of customer service.

3. Identify The Cost

The cost of the project is highly dependent on the size of the project and the plumbing agency. More well known and popular Henderson gas-fitting companies will often charge a greater fee than sole contractors. It is important to gain a quote before signing a contract as this will avoid any disputes or financial concerns. Many plumbers choose to charge per hour; however, it is recommended that one opt for the per job rate as this is generally less costly. It is also important to consider additional expenses that may be added onto the original rate; always speak to the contractor about these potential expenses and determine whether it is worth the expense.

When identifying the cost of a project, it is recommended that one draft a budget for the situation. By having a budget one will be able to determine what cost is affordable and what cost will leave one in financial trouble.

Final Words On Gas-fitting in Henderson

As can be seen, there are various factors to consider when employing a plumber to install gas pipes or other gas installation projects. If you follow the tips above you will be able to find a reliable plumber such as Heron Plumbers. Using the information above one can be sure to locate the most competent and effective Henderson gas-fitting contractor for the job.


Real estate agent in Ellerslie

Before Hiring Any Ellerslie Real Estate Agent Ask For References About Them



Selling real estate is an important decision so you need to take into account a couple of very critical issues. Some of the most critical elements to include are marketing of the property, presenting the house and perhaps most important, access to a list of potential buyers. The first two home-owning individuals can do on their won but having a list of buyers is not very common for most home owners. To achieve this, you really need to contact an Ellerslie real estate agent for example, to get the best coverage of the Ellerslie suburb.

However, not all real estate agents are the same. Their performance varies widely as it does in any industry. But given that they will be selling what is most likely your largest asset you should treat with the utmost seriousness. Many real estate agents will tell you they can sell your property but you need to conduct interviews with the prospective agents. So do not hire the first one that comes along.

Most people find it difficult to see past the furniture or belongings in a house. They find it hard to imagine their own furniture in a room. So to make it easy for potential buyers, you should remove as much clutter as possible including excess furniture. Good real estate agents will recommend this course of action to you. They might even suggest that you empty some closets in order for your potential buyer to get an impression of the real size of the space.

A good test of a real estate agent is to see how many homes they have sold in the quiet months. It is much easier to sell in spring or summer but if an agent is any good, they will have house sales all year round so ask to see their sales record for the last twelve months.

When you see the commission rates of different real estate agents, you may be tempted to list your house with a number of offices but this is not a good idea for two reasons. Firstly, they will be working on a lower commission so will make less money and will be less inclined to put any effort into the sale. Secondly, if they did put in a lot of effort, there is the risk that an agent from another company might get the sale so they will be left with nothing. So be sure to list your home with the agent you think will do the best job for you.

One way of finding out about agents is to ask your friends and colleagues for their recommendations. If they have recently bought or sold a property then they will have a good idea of whether or not a particular agent did a good job.

Before having buyers come to your home for a look around, make sure that the landscaping is properly done, your lawn should be green and recently mown. Some flowers in the garden will help as all these will affect the first impression of the buyers. You only get one chance of a first impression.

You can also look at for sale signs in the area. If there is one Ellerslie real estate agent that crops up on a lot of boards then it is a good bet that they will be active and highly regarded in the area.

One of those is certainly Mark Tung. He has been very active in the Ellerslie area so go to his website (www.markpatsy.co.nz)for a bit of background on him and then give him a call.

Auckland lawyer for guarantees

Why A Business Needs To Have A Guarantee

Operating a business is a complex task not least of which is attracting customers. One of the easiest ways to do that is to offer a guarantee but this can come at a significant cost if you do not fully understand your obligations. A major issue that people will have come up is the fact they can have customer complaints over time and this can easily lead to them having to refund the money to the customer or even worse face the customer in court because of the way the company handled the complaint. To avoid this situation it is important for any business to know why they need to have a guarantee to support their products and services. The problems come when consumers try enforcing the guarantee but the supplier refuses to stand by that agreement. Sometimes they will have reasonable grounds for denying the guarantee but this can get expensive legally.

With this guarantee, and the customer being fully aware of it, it will afford both the business and the customer some protection. When the customers are aware of the agreement and sign off on it, they know the process of complaints and even how long complaints can take to resolve. This in turn is going to help the business save itself from the headache of customers demanding a refund or even worse customers wanting to get the item for free and still get a refund.

The guarantee will outline what exactly is expected of the selling company. For example, if a company is selling windows and the installation of the windows, they need to make sure they have it outlined exactly what they are going to do. For example, they will have the installation process, new windows, glass, and other type of work. Anything that is not included in the agreement does not have to be completed, but can be added on at a later time and date if the customer wants to have the service added on. This does not negate the consumer their rights but it is important that the offer is clearly stated at the time of purchase so that the consumer does not try enforcing a guarantee which the supplier did not intend to offer. This will save time and money for all concerned.

A guarantee needs to be correctly drafted so that all sides understand their rights and obligations. The Consumer Guarantees Act has clear guidelines about what is covered and suppliers’ responsibilities. However a lawyer can draft the written guarantee for you so that you are not over-promising but also not falling foul of the law.

Auckland lawyer for guaranteesAs many people have found out, it is important when they are selling services or other items to have people sign a guarantee between the company and the customer. By having these agreements signed, it will be easy for people to get the work done correctly and to their expectation. It will also help the supplier win the customer’s the business but at the same time set the standard for the required quality of service to be delivered. It will help the customer because they will know exactly what is going to be done, but help the business because it lets the customer know what to expect in regards to the work that is completed.

The problems arise when these simple steps are ignored and then people need to hire a lawyer in Auckland for solving disputes about enforcing a guarantee. If you face this problem, you might want to talk to McVeagh Fleming who have offices in the Auckland CBD and also in Albany on the North Shore.

Warkworth law firm

How To Know Which Law Firm Is Good For You?

Choosing the right law firm can be the difference between winning and losing the case. Many people don’t have experience in hiring the best law firm since they rarely use one in their day to day lives. Even though are a number of practices, it is not easy to choose the best Warkworth law firm. All firms are not created equal in the first place. This is why you need to be cautious when selecting the best law firm to represent your case. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when you need to know which law firm is good for you.

When you are sourcing which law firm to work with, it is essential to check the background and the credentials of the potential law practice. This should not only give you a better idea about their experiences, but their success rates on similar cases to yours. The firm should have an excellent track record and should be open to share them with you. If the firm does not provide referrals saying they respect the privacy of their clients, they could offer case studies without specifying names. However, since a case that goes to court is in the public domain, their name will be shown on court records. A successful law firm like McVeagh Fleming and Partners will most likely provide you past cases so that you can inquire about the services offered by the law firm. Check the qualifications and background of the individual lawyer assigned to handle your case by the firm.

Make sure you check their rates as well. Get an idea of how much time they usually spend on a client. These are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a reputed law firm in the area to handle your case.

Warkworth law firmThe law firm you choose should have experience in handling similar cases to yours. They should have a good success rate doing so. It is important that you choose a successful law firm with a good reputation in handling your case. Remember, lawyers don’t come cheap and you should obtain the best services for the money you spend on a law firm. What sort of rapport exists between you and your lawyer? Does he or she pay close attention when you are explaining the finer details of your case or is he or she only after your money? You may get a good idea about your lawyer once you have an initial chat with them. You both should have a good rapport with each other if you are to succeed in the case. Ensure that the law firm’s working style matches your working style. This will help build a great relationship between the two of you.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to hiring the services of a law firm. The big law firms in the country handles thousands of cases at a particular time. They may not have time to pay close attention to the cases of individual clients due to this reason. These firms take law cases in batches, and they will not devote enough time to go into finer details of each case due to this reason. This can affect your case negatively at times. Hence, it is better to choose a small to medium Warkworth law firm like McVeagh Fleming (www.hibiscuscoastlawyer.co.nz) that has a good reputation in the area. These things are very important to consider when hiring a reputed law firm in your area.

In conclusion, choosing a good Warkworth law firm is essential for the success of your case. Many people do not know what to look for when choosing a law firm so hopefully these tips will have helped.

Debt Recovery Lawyer for Auckland Businesses

Role Of A Debt Recovery Lawyer for Auckland Businesses

The whole world revolves on credit which brings the risk of a transaction not being paid for compared to a cash transaction so debts are very common in the modern day. Debts or credit can be very good as they help a business attract customers, can help customers through a cash squeeze or can help people invest in their business. The problems arise when the debtor fails to repay the debt. This can be a crucial challenge to the creditor especially if the amount of money in question is quite large. Such situations need to be looked at very careful as the law also has some regulations that govern on how one should go about recovering debts owed to you. You can try a debt collection agency but their fees can be very high. Alternatively, this might be where debt recovery lawyers come in.

Some credit situations can be quite complicated and tricky such that you cannot handle them on your own. Debt recovery lawyers are the best people you can go to in such situations as they are able to help you out of the problem. These lawyers are experts and highly experienced in credit and debtor situations rather than having a broad spread of knowledge like general practice lawyers have. This gives them an advantage in trying to help you solve your situation compared to say a divorce lawyer.

It should be noted that debtors also have rights and they have to be handled in a certain manner. Your lawyer will know how to handle the other party, often via their lawyer so you do not get a harassment case against you. The lawyer will aim to help the debtor and the creditor settle the debt in an amicable and legal manner without having to go to court.

The moment you appoint a lawyer to recover your debt, the solicitor acts as your representative and he or she will be the sole point of contact between you and the debtor. This is very helpful especially in situations that may make you feel uneasy dealing with your debtors.

Debt recovery lawyers will do all in their power to keep a case out of court so they will in the first instance, write to the debtor asking for full settlement of the debt. many times this alone will be sufficient to get the debtor to act and pay you what you are owed.

Debt recovery lawyer in AucklandSometimes though, the debtor simply does not have the money available. In this case, your lawyer will ask the debtor to acknowledge the debt is due which saves ongoing wrangling about the debt itself. This can save a lot of time an expense.

The next step will be for your debt recovery lawyer to negotiate a repayment schedule. You will not get your money paid immediately but at least you will have an agreed plan with payment dates recorded. If the debtor again fails to meet the payment dates, then you can take further action.

If you have clients with outstanding invoices and are looking for a lawyer in Auckland for debt recovery, then you can contact McVeagh Fleming, an experienced, mid-sized law firm. They have a specialist debt recovery team of lawyers in their Auckland and Albany offices who can give you advice on your particular case.


UK Stock Footage

How Stock Footage Brings Life To Commercial Videos

Stock footage UK

Stock footage UK

Thanks to the growth of Internet marketing, commercial videos are becoming more powerful and more popular than ever before. The wealth of opportunities to deliver video content to potential customers means that even the most modest businesses can benefit from producing videos. If you’re making (or commissioning) your own commercial videos, you should always remember the valuable benefits that stock footage can provide.

Stock Footage Fills Storytelling Gaps

Even the smartest, slickest video will fail if the audience finds it confusing or hard to follow. You can use intelligently-selected stock footage to enhance the clarity of your commercial videos. Easing the viewer through transitional scenes is especially important, and stock footage often smoothes the way.

Stock Can Enhance Your Script

Many commercial video producers, especially self-taught ones, find themselves with a quandary. They know they want to convey their message with video, but they’re at a loss when it comes to choosing footage. Thanks to the virtually endless variety of stock footage available, you can choose quality shots to cut into a video that reflect the imagery in your written language literally. Consider backing up your metaphors with stock footage to make your video smarter and more exciting.

Stock Footage Starts Helping Early In The Process

Whether you decide to use stock footage to relate to your script directly or in more subtle ways, you can start considering your options long before you turn on your own camera. For some commercial video creators, stock footage becomes the skeleton that shapes the video as a whole. Stock can even be inserted into storyboards when you’re planning out a particularly ambitious video.

Stock Video Footage Keeps Costs Down

Budget is a crucial concern for most commercial video productions. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to filming stationary speakers in front of plain white walls! Stock footage adds an incredible range of different possibilities to your editing palette without inflating your total cost. Even if your financial resources are stretched to the limit, you can find amazing stock footage available online free of charge.

Stock Footage Is Easy To Find

As noted above, the Internet makes it easier than ever before to track down commercial stock footage. Many reliable stock websites offer huge libraries of clips both short and long. Powerful search features mean that it takes seconds instead of days to find a piece of stock that precisely meets your needs.

Stock Shouldn’t Present Copyright Problems

When you hunt for stock, there’s an important advantage to sticking with dedicated sites like StockGiant that provide commercial clips. Reputable providers always make the clearance and copyright status of their stock footage extremely clear. This is crucial when you’re producing a commercial video; the last thing you want to create with your video is a legal snarl! Keep in mind that copyright rules make a distinction between commercial use and private or artistic use. Make sure the stock you use is cleared for commercial videos. Stock footage is usually OK to use in different countries too so if you want UK stock footage you can go to the same sites.

If the possibility of using stock footage in your next commercial video has escaped your notice until now, it’s high time you fixed that oversight! Devote a little thought to the possibilities of stock footage and use it to make your next video more powerful, memorable, and effective.

The Growing Need For Chroma Key Stock Footage

chroma key footage videoAs Internet speeds grew, so did the demands of the viewers and readers. Before long the demand for more online-videos became apparent. It is a universal and much bemoaned axiom that everyone likes to watch and nobody likes to read. YouTube became the third most viewed site in the world closely followed by Facebook and Google, and even those began focusing more and more on video. Pretty soon everyone wanted to be a video producer but then people realised that it was a bit more complex than they thought. The growth in the availability of chroma key stock footage has certainly added to the output and demand for better quality online videos.

This increased the need for mass small-frame video productions, lowering the cost of such along the way. But that also meant budgets shrank and a video production with a small budget has limits.

Enter Stock Footage

Ever since photography developed, images were accumulated and savvy photographers realized the value in re-selling their photographs. Image stock houses developed, offering large collections of anything a media producer could possibly need.

The same happened with film and video and the use (and indeed overuse) of stock video footage fuelled the B-movie industry, simply for its cost-effective nature. Today online videos depend heavily on stock material for the same reason and the stock footage market is booming more than ever.

But simply having footage that could be popped into an editing software is not enough. It needs to be manipulated and adapted to all sorts of specific needs. Chroma key stock footage offers this possibility.

Enter Chroma Key Stock Footage

To superimpose a character on an environment they could possibly not be in, the film industry has long relied on either rear-projecting an image on a screen behind the actor or removing the screen by selecting a specific color hue or chroma range. Blue was the most common used for many years until the emergence of computers and video made it possible to select any specific color. Thus any color can be used, but bright green became the most commonly used color as this specific type of green is unnatural and therefore unlikely to show up in an actor’s clothes.

Combining this with the concept of stock footage opened up a whole new range of possibilities.

Scenes could be developed that had been shot entirely on a green backdrop. The resulting footage can then be integrated into any given scene in ways that makes the use of this stock footage virtually unrecognizable. Indeed, most TV and many film productions rely heavily on stock material for explosions, gunshots, buildings, even vehicles and actors.

What Is Available As Chroma Key Stock Footage?

The possibilities are endless. Practically anything can be shot against a green or blue backdrop: from animals, explosions, falling debris, even actors, spokespersons and really any isolated element one could possibly need to create an effective video.

Prices vary and are often calculated based on the quality need. For example a video that will be used exclusively online may run a lot cheaper than one used for television. This website Stock Giant has a range of thousands of different clips you can use for chroma key UK stock footage.

Chroma Key Stock Footage opened up a whole new world and changed film and video productions, lowering costs and improving the overall quality. more…